All of our billing is handled through Evans Medical Consultants, Inc. 

For billing inquiries, please call: 360.588.8457

Billing & Co-Payments

We make every effort to file the appropriate code(s) encountered and documented in your medical record. Our office is given Service Codes and guidelines to follow to prevent inappropriate charges being billed to you and your insurance company. We are unable to bill for services other than those documented in your medical record. We cannot code or charge based on your insurance coverage. 

We cannot change a code after a visit, as this can be construed as fraud by the insurance company or Medicare.

As a courtesy, this clinic will file a claim with the primary insurance on your behalf. All charges, regardless of the insurance coverage, are your responsibility. If your insurance has not paid within 45 days, we ask that you follow-up with them. Any questions regarding your benefits and coverage need to be directed to the insurance company prior to your appointment.

If you are private/self-paying, we offer a 20% discount for if you pay in full on the day of service. If you do not have insurance, payment is expected when services are rendered.

We ask that you provide us with current insurance information at the time of service. This office will make a copy of the front and back of your insurance card for claims submission information. This will help prevent any delays in the claims processing. If you are unable to provide this clinic with the insurance information at the time of service, you must get a copy of the card to us within 24 hours. This will prevent the charges from your date of service being billed directly to you as self-payment and will keep filing of your claim within the filing time limit required by insurance companies.

Co-payments are required at the time of your service. You will be charged an additional $20.00 administrative fee if you do not pay your co-pay at the time of service. These payments are part of your contract with your insurance company that require you to pay at the time of service with your provider. You may pay these with cash, credit card or check. The amount of co-payment is usually printed on your insurance card. If it is not, please call your insurance company

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