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As of May 24, 2014, the testing and evaluation of drivers of all commercial vehicles* is subject to federal law. Medical examiners must now be federally certified to qualify drivers. The CDL physical is a test of Fitness for Duty to ensure public safety.

Drivers are encouraged to be familiar with the information and requirements posted on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website:

The fee for the exam is $150 and must be paid prior to the exam, upon check-in.

The driver’s prior medical records must be available for review on the day of the exam. A release of records may be required at least a week prior to obtain records from other health care providers. If records are not available on the day of the exam, the exam will not be performed.

A complete and accurate health history questionnaire is required.

The length of CDL certification is based on the driver’s fitness for duty as defined by federal guidelines.

If an applicant does not fulfill the criteria for the CDL, this must be recorded on the federal website. The fee associated with the visit still applies. If a follow up visit is required to re-evaluate a specific issue, there is an additional fee.

Certain conditions are absolute disqualifications for CDL. These include impaired vision or hearing, poor physical conditioning, respiratory and lung diseases, insulin controlled diabetes, vision in only one eye. Other conditions include epilepsy, use of methadone, amphetamines, marijuana, and non-prescribed narcotics.

Many other conditions require documented medical management and included heart disease, hypertension, musculoskeletal disorders, mental illness, and sleep apnea. Applicants must have these documents sent to our office PRIOR to the appointment.

Certain conditions, like insulin-treated diabetes, limb or finger deficits require a waiver and cannot be obtained through this office. Diabetes waivers must be obtained after seeing an endocrinologist.

A Skills Performance Test for limb/finger deficit must be administered by a physiatrist or orthopedist. Additionally, a road test is required.

*Commercial vehicles applies to GVW>10,000 lbs, 9-15 passengers for hire, >16 passengers whether for hire or not. All FedEx, UPS, DHL, and port cargo carriers are subject to federal rule.